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Adcentrum Cloud

Comprehensive advertising technology for media companies and website owners.
Get technology for your media business that will allow you to earn more than the competition.

Get all media technologies under one roof.

Adcentrum Cloud

Komplexní reklamní technologie pro mediální společnosti a vlastníky webových stránek v cloudu. Získejte pro svůj mediální business technologie, které vám umožní vydělávat více než konkurence.

Získejte všechny technologie pro média pod jednou střechou.




Google Adx




Website monetization

Earn income for each impression

Here\’s a way to sell every ad impression on your site or mobile app at the highest auction price. Get advertising from more than 80 DSPs, Google AdXchange or direct advertisers. We guarantee you a substantial increase in revenue for each ad impression.


  • Revenue per impression (CPM), not just per click.
  • Advertising flow from more than 80 DSPs, Google AdXchange and direct advertisers.
  • Wide possibilities of monetization of advertising formats: display, video and native.


SSP – Supply side platform

Manage your ad space efficiently

Manage your ad space with high efficiency, set the price levels at which you want to sell your ad space to advertisers. Our SSP solution connects you with more than 80 DSPs from around the world and direct advertisers.


  • Effective management of advertising space across devices and advertising formats.
  • Connection with worldwide advertising demand from more than 80 DSPs.
  • Easy implementation.


Programmatic Adserver

Fast and reliable adserver in the cloud

Get a comprehensive solution for managing direct campaigns and external RTB advertising. Adserver is suitable for publishers of all sizes with a number of functions for displaying ads, campaign management, including functions for revenue optimization. Robust reporting tools provide you with a perfect overview.


  • Advanced revenue optimization features.
  • User-friendly environment for managing advertising campaigns.
  • Effective advertising formats: display, native, video and rich media.


Videoplayer / Videoserver

HTML5 Video \\ Audio player with integrated monetization

Use a video server for your website and display videos from your CDN network without complications to your users. Get big brand video advertising integrated directly into the video player. The video player can also be provided with its own brand.


  • Direct connection to video advertising sources.
  • Support for modern HLS formats Mp4 | Webm | Live Streaming | Audio
  • CDN infrastructure for faster video display to the user.


Google AdXchange

Monetize advertising space with Google Adx

Earn revenue for each ad impression that Google advertisers purchase from you. Offer display, mobile, desktop or in-app formats for the auction without negotiating with Google.


  • Payment from Google for each ad impression.
  • Payment without negotiation from Google.
  • Monetization of advertising formats: Desktop / mobile, Web / In-app.Web / In-app.


Hybrid programmatic

Monetize advertising space effectively

Get the most out of Open RTB and Header-bidding through one tag. Hybrid programmatics allow you to get the highest bid for your space from second-price and first-price auctions at the same time.


  • Yield maximization
  • Easy implementation with one tag.


Connected TV

Monitor advertising space in HBBTV

We can also push RTB advertising on HBBTV. Earn new revenue for your television. Our solution allows viewers to implement and display formats and video. Get brand new advertisers.


  • A unique way to earn new revenue for HBBTV.
  • Effective advertising formats.
  • Easy implementation.


Adcentrum creatives

Provide to advertisers effective ad formats

Provide to your advertisers effective, user-friendly advertising creatives for their campaigns. Predefined templates save you and your clients time.


  • Advertising creatives meet Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards.
  • Wide selection of predefined creatives for desktop and mobile.
  • You will save time for you and your clients.


Yield management

New income without worries.

We will take care of your advertising space in the long run. We\’ll work out a plan to increase the long-term value of your ad inventory.


  • New income without worries.
  • Full service for your advertising space.

Did we interest you? Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us for more information.